Digital Storytelling

Stories help people to understand the world. They pique curiosity, convey meaning and shape action.

Digital stories spread the benefits of personal and institutional narratives to a wider audience. Illustrations, photographs, documentaries and animations, all have the potential to create shared insight across geographies, cultures and ideologies. These digital storytelling mediums can also be used to amplify the stories of marginalised voices.

Square Circle’s use of digital storytelling is integrated into all of our services—from our research and advisory work, to our leadership development, and our monitoring, evaluation and learning projects. Digital storytelling is a vital part of the sense-making process leading s to the discovery of new ways to articulate experiences and ideas. This discovery is an important part of critical self-reflection, helping to bring more locally grounded insights into the research process,and more inclusive and sustainable action.

In our research, capturing stakeholder narratives through videography and animation enhances  inquiry through qualitative data that is personal and rich, creating different avenues for accessibility and impact. In our leadership development programs, providing professional filming for daily reflections and leadership visions helps to solidify learnings and insights while also providing an experiential learning opportunity.In our monitoring, evaluation and learning, the use of videography and photo essays helps to highlight stakeholder interpretations, understandings and experiences of project activities and impacts.

Square Circle maintains an in-house suite of professional videography and photography equipment and has access to a network of creators and storytellers.