Effective and transparent mechanisms of governance are essential for ensuring inclusive development outcomes that have long-term impact. Working with traditional and non-traditional systems of governance, Square Circle’s work supports enhanced effectiveness, inclusive service delivery, greater transparency, and ultimately improved legitimacy for institutions and organisations.

Square Circle provides expert strategic analysis, education and training programs, and advisory services for a range of governance actors including local and national governments, institutions of global governance, civil society organisations and the private sector. We also understand the importance of systems of governance that are integrated through the scales from subnational to national and global levels, and the way in which decision making can impact differently upon people’s lived experience. Because of this, we have a particular focus on multi-stakeholder governance structures that enhance local voices and agency.

Square Circle’s governance work also seeks deep understanding of the experiences diverse populations have with key traditional and non-traditional governance institutions. Such understanding gives meaning to more abstract ‘indicators of governance’ and provides better insight into the potential pathways for strengthening governance systems at the local, national and global levels—and for delivering on the promises of development.