Institutional Design for the MMERE

Solomon Islands
Ministry of Mines, Minerals, Energy and Rural Electrification-Solomon Islands
The World Bank

The Government of Solomon Islands is introducing a series of legislative and institutional reforms to implement the National Minerals Policy (NMP). One key initiative is an institutional support program for the Ministry of Mines, Minerals, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE), including strengthening the organisational structure and staff development program so that the ministry is better positioned to implement the new minerals policy.

As part of The World Bank’s broader program of support for MMERE through the “Solomon Islands Mining Governance (SIMGov) Project” Square Circle was engage to review MMERE’s existing organisational structure and capability, and work with MMERE on an institutional reform process that would improve the regulation of the sector in line with the changes envisioned in the NMP. Square Circle’s approach was to work alongside MMERE’s corporate services team and with section directors to review section mandates, structures and capacity in light of the requirements outlined in the new policy. MMERE is now in the process of realigning its divisions and capabilities for improved oversight of the sector.

Square Circle is a trusted leader in natural resources governance and policy, both regionally and globally.

The mineral resources of Solomon Islands will be developedfor the benefit of all the people of our country in a way thatcauses minimal environmental impact andrespects the different cultures, interests, and relationships that make up this diverse community, both now and for future generations.

Solomon Islands National Minerals Policy

This policy document gives a clear signalto the investment community, landowners and the public of a competitive mineral sector regime that is informed by international best practice but is grounded in local conditions.

Solomon Islands National Minerals Policy

To create inclusive mineral sectorgovernance arrangements that provide for efficient,transparent, affordable and culturally appropriate decision-making processes at all steps of the mining lifecycle for the long-term interests of all stakeholders.

Solomon Islands National Minerals Policy

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