Leadership and Policy

Effective, transparent and inclusive leadership in pursuit of the common good is integral to the development of legitimacy and trust between institutions and the populations they serve. Such leadership is central to the development of public policy that provides practical outcomes for communities in line with local, national, and global visions of development and social change.

Working across the public sector, private sector and civil society, Square Circle’s leadership programs empower and support the capacity of established and emerging leaders to think and lead strategically, adaptively and creatively. We help leaders to consider how best to work with cultures, politics, environments and institutional norms to carve out new leadership knowledge, skills and networks to guide, direct and influence change for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Square Circle’s policy advisory services help governments to mobilize diverse voices in the articulation and formulation of public policy that creates inclusive and sustainable impacts for all citizens. We balance global policy frameworks for governance, economic growth, social prosperity and environmental stewardship with local conceptions and experiences of development. Our approach seeks to bring about inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth where local peoples, ecologies and economies actively engage with and speak to global initiatives, frameworks and institutions.