Program Design and Management

Square Circle designs and manages programs across all of our service areas, including- ● leadership and policy ● governance ● institutional strengthening ● digital storytelling ● research ● conflict, peace and development ● and monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Our experience in a range of complex environments, coupled with our deep knowledge of the broader ‘development’ context, enables our team to provide nuanced approaches to program design and implementation that meet the needs of diverse parties.

We work closely with our development partners to design programs that bring about long-term sustainable and inclusive impact. A key part of how we do this is to include the intended beneficiaries of development programming into the investment design phase, helping to ensure that local knowledge informs the theory of change and program design. We also have an expertise in adaptive programming, where experimentation and learning are integrated into program design and implementation. Central to all of our program design and implementation work is the forging of long-lasting partnerships with our clients, stakeholders and the communities in which we work.

Square Circle calls on a wide and deep network of local and international experts across the development spectrum to support our programs. Our team of researchers, academics and practitioners are highly experienced working dialogically across cultures, geographies and scales to foster new insight and enable sustainable and inclusive impact.