Square Circle’s research service supports deeper understandings of development and social change. We provide these insights to our clients as well as the populations that are the intended beneficiaries of development programming.

Our critical approach to research and analysis shines a light on the diverse ‘lived experiences’ of development, as well as the multiple imaginations of the ‘good life’ that people and communities have across cultures, regions and geographies. Through an unpacking of global social relations of development and political economy, and an understanding of the complex multilateral environment in which social struggles over development take place, we bring new insights and possibilities to policy discussions and investment design. Our relational and mixed-method approach to research also supports greater understanding of social inclusions and exclusions, and the potential opportunities associated with politics, programs, and policies of development from the local to the global.

Our team of researchers have demonstrated experience working in cross-cultural contexts and are comfortable working across disciplines. We are also experienced in both desktop and field research, and adept in tailoring qualitative and quantitative research methods to meet the particular needs of the study in question. This bespoke approach helps us to turn research into insight that is relevant for a diverse range of stakeholders, and actionable ‘on the ground’. We also take pride in producing reports and analysis that are highly accessible, with clear prose, data analytics and digital storytelling methods.

Our research has informed policy and practice across a range of sectors and countries and has also been published in high ranking peer reviewed academic journals.