Mobile Banking in Papua New Guinea

Country: Papua New Guinea
Location within country: Port Moresby, Kwikila,
Lae and Mount Hagen
Project Donor or Funder:
International Finance Corporation/World
Bank Group
Research, Digital Storytelling

Description of Project

Description of Project:

Vanuatu’s Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MJCS) has identified the need to support the development of leaders across the thirteen agencies in the sector. Through the Sector Leadership Group (SLG), and with support from the Australian-funded Stretem Rod Blong Jastis mo Sefti program (SRBJS), a design document was developed for an Executive Development Program (EDP). Consultations were conducted in Port Vila in February 2019 with MJCS agencies to firstly ensure the existing EDP design meets the needs of agency heads and executive staff, and secondly to develop a roadmap to implement the EDP. Based on the consultations and a review of the opportunities and risks presented by the program, a ‘streamed’ model of delivery was proposed where agency heads and executive staff attend separate leadership retreats and workshops, while participating in other shared program activities together. Like in other Square Circle projects, the pedagogical approach is based on contemporary adult learning principles, draws from global practice on ‘development leadership’ but is contextualised to the particular context, in this case the MJCS sector. Another key feature of the Roadmap is the use of digital storytelling to record ‘Personal Leadership Visions’ that connect to wider policy frameworks such as the Justice and Community Services Sector Strategy 2018-2021 and Vanuatu 2030: The People’s Plan.