Mobile Banking in Papua New Guinea

Country: Papua New Guinea
Location within country: Port Moresby, Kwikila,
Lae and Mount Hagen
Project Donor or Funder:
International Finance Corporation/World
Bank Group
Research, Digital Storytelling

Description of Project

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has some of the highest unbanked rates in the world. With geographically dispersed communities, low population density, low financial literacy, relatively underdeveloped telecommunication and banking infrastructure, and diverse cultural and language groups, it is estimated that two thirds of PNG’s population do not have reasonable access to financial service. It was against this background that International Finance Corporation (IFC) commissioned Tanorama Limited, a PNG based development consultancy whom we have collaborated with on a number of previous projects, to conduct a series of focus groups on the impact of mobile banking in urban, peri-urban and provincial locations in PNG, specifically, Port Moresby, Kwikila, Lae and Mount Hagen. Our role as project lead was to devise the mixed method research design, organise and lead focus groups and collate and present the information to the IFC. This report added greatly to the topic and literature of improving financial inclusion and financial services delivery in PNG, a key priority area for both short- and long-term development plans in PNG. Further impact of the report is found in the future directions for service delivery that came from report’s key findings These future directions are something which other key stakeholders of the report (DFAT, Bank of South Pacific, ANZ, Westpac) have utilised in plans and operational practices.